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If you’re looking for a gal who loves to talk about Jesus for your next event, please drop me a line. I’d love to share the goodness of God with some like minded Jesus girls! Please send inquiries to

Popular Speaking Topics include:

Spiritual Warfare

Recognizing and Overcoming Emotional Bondage

Old Testament Truths and Stories

Shades of Love – Breaking Down the Barriers of Community

Finding Healing through Scripture

Finding God’s Grace in Our Motherhood Mishaps

How to Effectively Study the Bible and Hear from God

Finding Courage to Endure the Trials of Life


4 thoughts on “Contact Melanie

  1. You recently changed November scripture writing plan from Philippians to Psalms. I wasn’t able to get it written down this morning and now I can’t find the post on Facebook. Could you repost it email me the Psalms scripture writing plan. You make it so easy for me to stay in God’s word. Thank you and God bless you.
    DEBRA Nehls

    1. Sweet Debra – Thank you for your message. I currently am not doing a scripture writing plan – that may perhaps be one of my writer friends? Maybe Betsy deCruz? Or Joanna Weaver? Or Stacey Mendro? I’m so sorry I am not sure who it is that I saw was leading this opportunity. I wish I was more help. Praying you find it! Blessings to you! 😘

  2. Hi Melanie, I felt led to do the First 5 devotional in Daniel. Today’s devotion was one that you did and in your comments you posted a little about your husband. I believe I was meant to read this today and I would to know more about praying specific prayers. My husband struggles with alcohol. He began using it to deal with our failing marriage, his adultery, and work related problems. It’s been over a year of this. I’m struggling so bad with this. Can you share some resources that you used or give me some direction on how to pray specific prayers for this specific situation of alcohol abuse? I’m so glad I chose this devotion at this time. God is so good!!

    1. Sweet Shannon,
      Thank you for reaching out to me. I’m so glad the Lord led you here. I pray that you will find comfort in the things God has done for me and my husband. I’m so sorry you are going through this struggle – my heart hurts for you – as memories come back to me in relating to your story.
      First of all – when I was so desperate – I went back to church – it was hard to get three Littles all under the age of 4 ready – but I went – and found strength – and support from other Christians who prayed with me. I then got a book called “What Happens When Women Pray” – by Evelyn Christendon – it’s an old book but it bolstered my faith and encouraged me so much. I then got some girl friends together and we just started praying one night a week. When I say I learned to pray specific – I would pray that it would rain on Sundays so my husband couldn’t golf and would go to church with me. I prayed that he would get hangovers – something he never did – it rained for like 8 Sunday’s in a roll – and he started getting sick from hangovers. Lol I prayed for a hedge of protection around my children and family – but I asked God to do whatever it took to get his attention. We just about lost everything we had because he walked off from a six figure job – after a night of drinking. I prayed about every little detail – anything that would draw him to God. And I learned that it’s Gods will for him to be sober and saved – and for our family to be whole – so that was one prayer I could claim – and boldly ask God to answer.
      In addition, I asked God to help me be the wife he needed – to do and say the right things that did not exasperate him or the situation. The week he was saved – our middle son, who was 2 at the time, was in a terrible life threatening accident – that could have killed him. God was faithful to save our son – but the night that our baby got out of the hospital – my husband sat down and watched a Billy Graham crusade that came on tv that night. God had been working on him little by little and that’s why I am a firm believer in detailed praying! Pray for God to put Christians in his path – pray that he become restless in his soul – pray for the situations of unfaithfulness to turn his stomach – pray for God to break his heart and turn him back to HIM. Has he ever been saved? My husband said he had as a child – but he really had not. There was not proof or evidence of fruit in his life. Pray things that you know are Gods will concerning your situation. No detail is too big or too small. Please know – I will be praying for you. And go to my contact page – and email me – keep me up to date on how I can pray for you and him. Keep your head up sweet girl – seriously – if God could change my husband – He can change anyone! Much love to you! And stay in contact! 😘😘

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