A Few Lessons Learned from Pain


Pain can make us better or bitter ... the choice is ours.

For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us. Romans 8:18

The enemy is a master at manipulating our pain and suffering.

Our emotions are a direct reaction to the pain that we go through. Those negative emotions can build up a toxic fog making our thoughts murky and leading us astray.

The more we dwell on the negative thoughts the more we will rebel.

Coming in tune with my emotions and how they carry either truth or lies has been a hard but needed lesson over the last year and a half.

I can clearly see how experiences, good or bad can build a case for any offense (real or perceived).

I recognize how dysfunction and the past finds a place to nest within our emotional vault in order to weaken the spirit.

I understand how warfare goes hand in hand with the pain, the past and negative emotions.

The devil is counting on our ignorance and how we react and deal with pain to wreck us because he knows that pain changes us.

I know this pain has changed me … I’ve been told I am different … many times.

Though I wouldn’t wish all that our family has endured over the last year on anyone, I am grateful for some real-life lessons that involve human behavior and Jesus.

Learning and watching other’s deal with pain in their life has been eye-opening for me.

I’ve resolved I don’t want to become bitter, period.

And I don’t want to react from a place of hurt that causes others harm.

I refuse to get stuck in a toxic fog and lose sight of the future.

Nope … I’m not a prisoner of unforgiveness no matter if a few want to believe that for their own consciences’ sake.

Forgiveness is a choice, period.

I choose forgiveness every day before I roll out of bed … and it’s not based on emotions.

Does it still hurt? Yes, it does.

Is trust gone? Sadly, yes.

But … my Shepherd is minding my heart well and the peace I am finding comes in making more healing choices that are good for me.

Pain doesn’t just change the person … it changes the way one lives.

Pain weeds out what needs to be weeded out.

Pain gives you a clear view of who is for you and who is not.

But one of the most important lessons I’ve learned is … the enemy wanted the pain to devalue who I am in Christ … in order to keep me down.

Nevertheless, this life-changing pain and emotional muck have merely made me more desperate for God.

The enemy wanted the pain to ruin me … but I have a loving Creator that has been pursuing and fighting for me every day.

And HE has patiently shown me what to let go of and why.

So … pain has many lessons.

I’ll be learning from this last year and a half for the rest of my life.

But I want to encourage you …  if you are in a place of great pain that makes you want to give up on life, faith, and even those around you …

The most important thing you can do in the middle of a life-changing painful season is to cry out to God, rest, grieve, and learn to let Him comfort you.

Being patient and learning to trust Him is key to healing.

Ask for protection over your emotions to not react.

Find an activity that brings joy and a change of pace in your life.

Ask Him to lessen the hurt and help you forget a little more each day.

Seek Him in knowing what to let go of.

Ask Him to bring something good out of that which has broken your heart … and believe HE leaves nothing undone.

Pain can make us bitter or better … the choice is ours.

We know what the enemy wants … but we have a choice to let pain make us all that the Father wants us to be … for His Glory.

Father, may we seek your healing in places that our hearts can’t even fathom. Make us wiser to see where the enemy wants us to linger in harmful emotions. Help us choose forgiveness every day and trust your timing to bring healing in your way. Amen.

Praying for all those bound in the bondage of pain tonight.

love mel