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Simply put I am embarrassed to tell you about myself, but when the Lord led me to this blog thing in 2014, he impressed upon me to be real; therefore, I am not going to paint you a picture of how rosy my walk with Christ is or how perfect my life has been. I am a mess needless to say. But I am a forgiven mess. And maybe you can relate to some of my messes, maybe not. But I pledge to always be honest with you on this forum.

My husband is literally the most interesting and hilarious man I’ve ever met. We’re still going strong after 31 years and I love him more every day. He is Vietnam Combat Vet and I am so proud of his service and sacrifice to his country. He has suffered much loss in so many ways in his lifetime – and yet he loves the Lord with all his heart. 

My first-born tells me I’m a special kind of crazy. I’ve got a lot of hang ups to be frank. For instance, I am so sentimental it’s ridiculous. I can’t throw anything away. These melancholy tendencies lean toward hoarding; however, I haven’t given in to the belief that I am that dysfunctional, yet…..after all – you can walk through my house without having to step over things and there have been no dead bodies found under heaps of scrap books……yet.

I was a horrible helicopter mom when my boys were teens. Looking back, I am quite embarrassed of it all. I can still see the rolling eyes as I reminded their friends, to drive careful because they were carrying “precious cargo”.

My man boys still giggle and refer to me as the TV mom on “Malcolm in the Middle.” For years I had no clue what an epic goober I really was until I watched a few episodes of Malcolm. I get it now. I was obsessed with giving them a wonderful, drama free childhood. I wanted them to feel loved and cherished. I smothered them to death.

For too long, life was all about my boys.…. until the Lord revealed how misdirected my affections were and how it grieved him to take second place. It was hard to admit I loved my kids more than I loved him, but thank God he was merciful to me, exposing my sin, breaking my heart a few times and helping me turn to him. I can honestly say now that Jesus is the love of my life!

My boys left the nest a few years ago and my youngest son blessed me with a precious daughter in law. I am a grandmother and I’m so proud of my grandkids! They are not only smart … but they’re hilarious too!

I used to be a perfectionist but the Lord is slowly healing me of this disorder as well. I imagine He thinks it’s hilarious to give three strong-willed boys to an obsessive compulsive fusspot like me. 

I’m a book nerd, an over achiever  … I am fiercely loyal to a fault and zealously conservative to the bone. I don’t see a grey area…I only see black and white, right or wrong, yea or nay. This old girl will never be wishy-washy. 

I grew up with an unhealthy fear of God. I was taught, God will get me for everything I do. To be honest, it messed me up. I didn’t accept God’s grace until about 4 years ago. When I finally shot down the lie that God was standing watch with a big lightning rod ready to zap me at any moment….well – literally my whole world changed. My friends say I am different. Praise God I get it now.

Though I am terribly flawed, I am the one you want in your corner when you’re going through persecution. I’m always for the underdog, and I dislike favoritism, injustice and brown nosers.  I have been in church leadership for over 20 years and I go out of my way to be fair and use all the talent the Lord allows me to guide. I have a great distaste for cliques and strongly feel there should be clique bouncers who stand guard at the church doors every Sunday.

I have many close friends and like to fellowship but I love the quiet and treasure my alone time. I can go days without turning on a TV. I am both introvert and extrovert if there is such a thing, but I’m a stickler on being kind, courteous and using manners.

I have a great passion for studying Spiritual Warfare. Learning about the authority I have over Satan through the blood of Jesus, literally rocked my world. The enemy may try to push me around at times but he no longer has strongholds in my life; therefore, I am on a mission to expose him for what he is – a thief, a killer, and a destroyer. Too many Christians live defeated because they don’t understand their authority over Satan.

I teach women’s bible study, lead a theatre team, I love, love my church and I love to write. Writing is how I work out my salvation.  Writing is how the Lord speaks and teaches me. Writing is how I heal and muddle through all the bad places in life.

Learning to trust God no matter the circumstances, while having joy is what I am learning in this season of my life. Some days I am a good pupil and some days I fail miserably…..regardless, he shows me grace.

Laughter is the next best thing after spending time with Jesus. I am thankful God gave me a sense of humor to always balance the not so good times. Like I said, my life’s not perfect but gosh dang it, it’s pretty darn good since I have Jesus.

So if I haven’t totally scared you off with my neurotic inclinations, I so hope you will stay a while and read a blog or two. I really don’t understand why the Lord compels me to write because I seriously feel like I bring nothing to the table….but he has made it ever so clear ….to just write…. and be me.

God bless and I pray you find favor, fun and the father in all your reading adventures!

4 thoughts on “All About Mel

  1. Really enjoyed your bio Melanie. We share an interest in spiritual warfare

    I haven’t blogged as much of lately because I’m really wanting to work on/complete my memoir. That’s tough stuff though…I think I’m almost done running from it!

    Be Blessed!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Kenzel! That’s great that you study spiritual warfare too! All the best to you on your memoir! How exciting! Thank you for stopping by! So happy to connect with you! Blessings to you!!


    1. Thank you Tytenisha – you bless me! It was very hard to post the truth to be honest – but someone I admire told me God can work in transparency. Pride in general could so trick me up if I was not just point blank honest and say – ” hey – I’m a little messed up and I have issues.” Lol thank you for your encouragement – so often I struggle with wanting to take it down. God bless you and thank you for stopping by! You have a beautiful and unusual name by the way! Love it! 😘


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