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Hey there!

Thank you so much for clicking that button! I’m so glad you did! I want to encourage you. 

I’ve been through a lot of hard stuff, but God has helped me endure. Maybe you’ll find a nugget of hope tucked between my words that will remind you how much God loves you! 

Simply put I am embarrassed to tell you about myself, but when the Lord led me to this writing gig, He impressed upon me to be real; therefore, I’m not going to paint you a picture of how rosy my walk with Christ is or how perfect my life has been.

I am a mess needless to say. But I am a forgiven mess. And maybe you can relate to some of my messes, maybe not. But I pledge to always be honest with you on this forum.

My husband is the most hilarious man I’ve ever met. We’re still going strong after 36 years, but we sure brought some baggage to the church that day when we said our I do’s. My guy is a Vietnam Combat Vet and I am so proud of his service and sacrifice.  He’s suffered a lot of loss in his lifetime, but he’s still kicking strong. 

My first-born tells me I’m a special kind of crazy. I’ve got a lot of hang ups to be frank. I’m ridiculously sentimental. I can’t throw anything away. These melancholy tendencies lean toward hoarding in boxes; however, I haven’t given in to the belief that I am “as seen on tv” dysfunctional. I can walk through my house without having to step over heart warming debris; there’s been no dead bodies found under heaps of scrap books, yet.

I was a horrible helicopter mom when my boys were teens. Looking back, I’m a little embarrassed. I can still see the rolling eyes as I reminded their friends to drive careful because they were carrying precious cargo.

My hairy man boys still giggle and refer to me as the TV mom on “Malcolm in the Middle.” For years I had no clue what an epic goofball I really was until I watched a few episodes of Malcolm. I get it now. I was obsessed with giving them a wonderful, drama free childhood. I wanted them to feel loved and cherished. I smothered them to death.

For too long, life was all about my boys until the Lord revealed how misdirected my affections were and how it grieved Him to take second place. It was hard to admit I loved my kids more than I loved Him, but thankfully, He was merciful to me, exposing my sin after breaking my heart a few times. I can honestly say now that He is everything to me. 

My boys left the nest years ago and my youngest son blessed me with a precious daughter-in-law. But those other two hairy man boys are looking for their wives. I’m praying it happens soon before they get set in their ways. I’m a grandmother and I’m so proud of my grandkids. They’re not only smart, but they’re hilarious like all the Porter men in my life. We laugh A LOT!

I used to be a perfectionist but the Lord is slowly healing me of this disorder as well. I imagine He thinks it’s comical to give three strong-willed boys to an obsessive compulsive fusspot like me. 

I’m a book nerd and a movie fan. I am fiercely loyal to a fault and zealously conservative to the bone. I don’t see a grey area, I only see black and white, right or wrong, yea or nay. This old gal will never be wishy-washy. 

I grew up with an unhealthy fear of God. I was taught God would get me for everything I did. To be honest, it messed me up. When I finally shot down the lie that God was standing watch with a big lightning rod ready to zap me at any moment – literally my whole world changed. Praise God I get it now … my how sweet His Grace is! 

Though I am terribly flawed, I am the one you want in your corner when you’re going through persecution. I’m always for the underdog, and I cringe at favoritism, injustice and brownnosers. I’ve been in church leadership for over 30 years and I go out of my way to be fair and use all the talent the Lord allows me to guide and help develop. I have a great distaste for cliques and strongly feel there should be clique bouncers who stand guard at the church doors every Sunday.

I love to fellowship but I love the quiet and treasure my alone time. I don’t play the radio in the car when I’m alone and I can go days without turning on a TV. I am both introverted and extroverted if there is such a thing. But you can bet the farm, I’m a stickler on being kind, courteous, and using manners.

I have a great passion for studying Spiritual Warfare. Learning about the authority I have over Satan through the blood of Jesus, literally rocked my world. The enemy may try to push me around at times but he no longer has strongholds in my life; therefore, I am on a mission to expose him for what he is – a thief, a killer, and a destroyer. Too many Christians live defeated because they don’t understand their authority over Satan.

I teach women’s bible study, lead a theatre team, I love the church and I love to study God’s word and journal. Writing is how I work out my salvation. Writing is how the Lord speaks and teaches me. Writing is how I heal and muddle through all the bad places in life.

Trusting God and embracing His will is what He’s been teaching me for the last five years. It’s been so hard. There’s been a lot of loss and a heap of hurt. We’ve gone through tragedy, we experienced chaos at the enemy’s hand and sickness. This Covid junk just about took me and my husband out. We lost a lot of church family and close friends to this blasted virus, our precious daughter-in-law lost her 51-year-old mamma. But GOD. My what mercy He lavishes on me when my heart is downcast. 

I believe laughter is the next best thing other than spending time with Jesus. I am thankful God gave me a sense of humor to balance the not so good times. Regardless of the pain, He is a just and trustworthy Father who leaves nothing undone – you can take that truth to the bank! 

So if I haven’t totally scared you off with my neurotic inclinations, I so hope you’ll stay a while and read a blog or two. I’m playing catch up – I’m getting back to blogging. I took a long break after my son-in-law and step-daughter were tragically killed. So bear with me – I building new habits again. 

I really don’t know why the Lord compels me to be bold and share my junk, but He has made it ever so clear to just write and be me. I guess a big motivation is that I don’t want to waste the pain – it’s been so costly.

So I hope you find encouragement. I pray you’re enlightened by the Holy Spirit! And I truly hope you find a few laughs between the lines. He’s a good, good Father.  So take heart – you’re on His radar and He’s heard every prayer you’ve prayed. 

God bless and I pray you find favor, fun and the Father in all your reading adventures!

19 thoughts on “All About Mel

  1. Really enjoyed your bio Melanie. We share an interest in spiritual warfare

    I haven’t blogged as much of lately because I’m really wanting to work on/complete my memoir. That’s tough stuff though…I think I’m almost done running from it!

    Be Blessed!

    1. Thank you Kenzel! That’s great that you study spiritual warfare too! All the best to you on your memoir! How exciting! Thank you for stopping by! So happy to connect with you! Blessings to you!!

  2. Melanie, I enjoyed reading your bio. It was honest, engaging, and humorous. I could relate to a lot of things you’ve shared. Blessings to you!


    1. Thank you Tytenisha – you bless me! It was very hard to post the truth to be honest – but someone I admire told me God can work in transparency. Pride in general could so trick me up if I was not just point blank honest and say – ” hey – I’m a little messed up and I have issues.” Lol thank you for your encouragement – so often I struggle with wanting to take it down. God bless you and thank you for stopping by! You have a beautiful and unusual name by the way! Love it! 😘

  3. Everything about you amazes me. I would love to follow your step and learn from you. I write as well. I will also love to share your articles on the websites that I manage. You will be appropriately referenced. God bless you ma.

    1. Sweet Ruth, you bless me friend. So Thankful to have you along on this journey. I welcome your friendship and collaborations! Be blessed my friend! You have sure blessed me. May you feel the Father’s pleasure on your ministry of encourage today! 😘😘❤️🙌🙌🙌

  4. I so enjoyed reading about you! I had just finished listening to your weekend teaching on my First5 app this morning and I hit the “connect with Melanie” button! I can totally relate to so much you revealed about yourself as I can see it in me! I am the mom to three adult GIRLS, and I have 6 grandkids also! I was probably considered a helicopter mom as well but just now able to see it! Haha!! God has been so good to me and has blessed us greatly! I look forward to following your blog!! God bless you, Melanie!

    1. Oh Marcia! You bless me so! I’m grateful there are other moms who get it! And thank you for connecting here – I’m working on a lot of new content and even a new website coming soon! I look forward to connecting with yuh again – and getting to know you! Thank you for your encouragement and for reaching out! I hope you feel the Father’s pleasure in all you do this week! Grace to your my friend! 😘❤️🙌

  5. We aren’t all that different you and I! I can see myself in the introverted extroverted being and the helicopter parenting and so many other inclinations. I love that you’re running a theater group. Good for you! I should be doing theater (it always winds up being the highest points on my personality and skill tests.) Go figure! I envy you your openness. I haven’t quite gotten my head around that yet, but I’m working on it. Yes once I discovered we have authority over the enemy I became unstoppable too! (Or is it incorrigible?) Love to keep up with you. Sign me up for your email or blog mail. So good to e-meet you. God bless, Mel!

    1. Oh Robin! I’m so glad and honored to meet you! I’m always thrilled to meet a soul sister who gets me! Thank you for encouraging me today and you sound like so much fun! Looking forward to connecting with you in the future. You’ve blessed me big today. Grace to you new friend! 😘❤️

  6. Hi Melanie, I was blessed this morning by your Weekend teaching on First 5 APP, so am here on your website. I would like to hear more of what you have to say too. I am in Maryland but have visited Cleveland, Tennessee when my niece attended a Christian college there, and my friend’s sister and mom also live in Tennessee. I love your accent 😊. Isn’t it funny all the accents there are in our great country, including my own.

    1. Greetings Teresa! Yes! I love listening to accents – and I have to admit – sometimes my Tennessee twang makes me cringe! 🤣 I’m so glad you have some TN connections – was the college your niece attended Lee University by any chance? I’ve actually chaperoned our church’s youth to summer camp at Lee! I’m so honored you have stopped by the blog- you have blessed me greatly! I’m so grateful for the First 5 app – because it challenges me so much and helps me grow in Christ! I look forward to getting to know you, Teresa! Stay in touch! Grace to you! 😘❤️ Melanie

      1. So nice to hear back from you, Melanie. Yes, my niece, Lacy, was a student at Lee University and graduated. She was home schooled before she went to Lee. She eventually got her Master’s degree here and taught Math in a high school here in Baltimore County for 5 years and then decided to go into photography 😊 Before this virus pandemic Lacy was doing weddings and other photo shoots. My husband and I were praying this evening and thinking of those who have lost jobs because of the country shutting down. It is so sad. Thankfully, the President is trying to open things back up. I know there is a lot of fear about that, but the alternative is not good. I pray for him for protection and God‘s wisdom. I have heard several times about a revival coming out of all this. Wouldn’t it be great to see? By the way, your accent is cute. I know that I feel the same when I hear my voice on an answering machine—I’ve cringed too 😊

  7. How refreshing! Thank you so much for your openess, honesty and willingness to share you weakness and vulnerabilities. So many times I click the Bio of the writer on my First 5 app & the writer just seems like the “Jesus perfection incarnate”. Having been in church my whole life, I know thats isn’t reality, but it’s so hard for people to admit. Thank you for being REAL, it’s much more relatable and comforting to know that it’s not just me. I loved your “about you” section and it seems we are very similar. (I’m also southern, so that helps too😁). I grew up thinking God would strike me down for any little thing and it has lead me to a point of unhealthy perfectionism. I could go on, but will stop & just say thanks again for being relatable.

    1. You have greatly encouraged me @thelisforlucy – thank you for your kind words! I’m certainly far from perfect – 😩 BUT JESUS!!! He’s so good! I love that you’re a southern gal! I wish We could sit down and talk for a while! 😘❤️ Blessings to you! 😘

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