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“Five Days Of THANKSGIVING” Drawing Closer To The Giver

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You are cordially invited to join me in shaking things up a little this THANKSGIVING!

I want to do THANKSGIVING different this year.

I want to think different….

Pray different….

ENGAGE my GOD different.

Do you have a tendency to do things the same way out of habit?

I recently read that scientists call this practice a “heuristic bias”……and it can result in doing things in a mindless manner…..where we just do something without thinking about it after a while.

Do we practice THANKSGIVING with a heuristic bias?

Do we practice living this way?

Do we practice love this way?

What about bible study?

Serving GOD?

Serving others?

Do we stop and actually think about what we are doing or is life predominantly lived out of left brained habits?

I am desperate to hear from GOD and because of that…..

I can’t just open my bible and read a few chapters….. then pray.

Oh no….this habit …though better than no spiritual habit…will not suffice the hunger HE has placed in my soul for more of HIM.

Living out of habit makes us forget the important things.

Living out of habit makes us self- reliant.

Living out of habit makes us spiritually barren.

Oh my friend if you want to hear HIS voice…..

I encourage you to engage HIM in a different way of thinking.

In Five days of THANKSGIVING….

I’m going to think different….

Listen different….

Be different.


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Won’t you join me?



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