“The Romance Of My Senses” How Do You Worship The Creator?

The creator romances my senses like no other can.

Fall’s autumnal color wheel enchants my soul to the point of ignorant bliss.

Early in my youth I would drink of these delights, guiltless and unaware of the spiritual connection nature afforded.

Bejeweled perfection was constantly evolving all around season after season, yet I was oblivious.

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I knew I loved being in the midst of His artistic backdrop; however, I never stopped to question why the amber foliage or brilliant periwinkle skies made my heart sing?

I took the giver for granted.

For example, one might argue the sunset with every color of pink and salmon explodes in visual rapture because that’s the natural order of things.

But how can that be when every single evening sky since the beginning of time has never been duplicated by the master painter?

And why pink on a Tuesday?

Why the occasional yellow with a hint of orange the day after?

Could it be He remembers how color is an aphrodisiac to my soul?

Does He consciously think about tickling my senses….all for my pleasure?

Could it be He is that sensitive, caring and loving?

Could He possibly love me so much He devises the perfect fall day with vivid intense color and a host of rustling leaves whispering joy in my ears?

It’s just a fall day you say, He didn’t make it just for you.

Maybe so….but how could it have such a profound effect upon my soul unless He knows and cares about how it makes me feel?

God is ever pursuing me like an old fashioned suitor.

As time goes by, I become more and more aware of these priceless pleasures wining and dining me.

They make me stop what I am doing and look up.

My master creator, the ultimate artist is ever awakening my soul…showing me His handiwork….longing for me to praise Him…..so I do.


I believe He specifically fashions my pleasure every day.

With every cornflower blue sky He tints, I close my eyes and smell the Indian summer.

My mind is catapulted back to my prayer warrior grandmother who loved October’s parade of colors most, just like me.

I remember her spaghetti with baseball sized meatballs and the velvety yellow daffodils I picked every spring blanketing her hillside farm.

I recall animated bed time stories and sweaty, bareback pony rides.

All one of a kind memories and experiences no one else can claim.

Just a blue October sky you say, the natural order of things.  I say nonsense!

He orchestrates my pleasures right down to the detail.

Oh yes He is the God of detail who puts stripes on the wooly worm, mistletoe in the tree tops and polka dots on the butterfly.

He knows the detail will catch my eye, jog my memory, and take me back to a sweet, sweet time.

Every pleasure from His hands pluck the senses like a gentle harp…and when this divine moment happens…the sensory perceptions of our world can go a million different places.

And you can be sure we won’t all go to the same place.

The essence of our DNA the creator has tailor-made in each of us, is beyond vast even before the sensory journey begins.

As the seasons spin, let him awaken your heart in the crisp evening breeze kissing your face.

Listen to the bluebird banter as the morning frost glistens.

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Close your eyes and feel the pleats on the bumpy pumpkin.

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Let the creator take your mind to a place only He can….and worship Him for His worth.

Are your senses dulled by the natural order of things?

How many tailor-made pleasures have you rushed through?

How many have you exchanged for man-made moments like TV or social media?

This season let the master creator romance your senses in a way like never before.

Let His creative handiwork give you wild pleasure…..and then give Him pleasure back.

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“Worthy are you, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they existed and were created.   Revelation 4:11