Four Signs You Are Living A Life That Matters Day 3 #MakeItCount


Close your eyes and imagine you are on a game show called “The Time Of Your Life”.

The premise is you have certain chores, activities, events and accomplishments to choose from as sand trickles down through a giant hour-glass to the left of the stage.

As you pick up the numerous cards labeled with life events and run to place them in the designated slots…..the sand escapes faster by the second. With each trip across stage…you have to choose which life event to pick up because you can only take 2 at a time.

As the sand escapes grain by grain…you barely get your last two cards placed. Your breathless as the game show host takes inventory of your life. Your eyes dart back to the tower holding all those cards you didn’t get to.

That trip you wanted to take….. didn’t make the cut. The graduations of your grandchildren….didn’t make the cut. That degree or dream that seemed elusive…..didn’t make the cut either… all because you chose something else in its place.

Reality sets in….You ran out of time.

A deep sense of sadness captures your emotions.

There are things left….undone. Dreams unmet…you feel as though your life was not truly satisfied.

Today we are in our third day of “Four Signs You Are Living A Life That Really Matters.”

So let’s dig into point number three……

                 You live life with a sense of urgency.

My husband says…….

 “Life is like a roll of toilet paper….the closer it gets to the end…the faster it goes.”

There may be a little Forrest Gump echoing in this sentiment but its truth.

The Psalms tell us…..

psalm 9012

“So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.” Psalm 90:12

The Hebrew meaning of “teach” is….to perceive, to discern, or to be aware of.

Living with a sense of urgency means you are wise enough to perceive….your time here on earth is limited, so make healthy and wise choices.

Living with urgency means you discern that GOD has a specific calling for you to fulfill.

Living with a sense of urgency means you are setting and reaching goals.

Living with urgency means you are praying fervently just because you can and should.

So what are you putting off?

What or who are you taking for granted?

What is that deep desire that you keep tucking away under your heart?

What is that “thing” God is telling you to be brave about?

Urgency is a must in a Christian’s life. We have but just a small window of time….what we do with that time matters greatly in regards to eternity.

What you do with your time will determine a life fulfilled or left undone.


Will you be ashamed of what you did with your time when you come face to face with JESUS one day?

Will HE find you faithful? Obedient?

Will you have any rewards to lay at HIS feet?

I challenge you to spend some time taking inventory of your life…and what you’ve done with it.

What is still left for you to do?

What has GOD been speaking to you about?

What activities in your daily 24 hour span…really have value and matter?

Be aware my friend…be aware of every minute in your day….and seek to eliminate the clutter. Will that hour long television show or extra round of golf…. really matter when you walk into heaven one day?

Living with a sense of urgency….means you don’t waste the time GOD gives you.

And don’t miss this beloved… with a sense of urgency means you don’t omit the precious moments in life that will never pass your way again… the skinned knees, the glorious sunset shared with a friend, the wet, little kisses of little ones, the last dance at the wedding, the smile for a stranger, the wagging tail that greets you with joy….or that precious time in early morn when the FATHER is waiting for you to start your day in HIS presence.

Living with urgency means you value the air in your lungs and realize one day it will be gone; therefore, you don’t leave the precious and eternal things….undone.

Tell me friend….are you making the most of your time here on earth?

See you tomorrow for our final sign!

love mel

Four Signs You Are Living A Life That Matters #MakeItCount Day 2

past doesnt matter

You know the unsatisfying feeling in your gut that you were created for more?

What about that restless feeling? Or the gnawing sense of feeling trapped?

It’s like being stuck in the movie “Ground hog Day” right?

Day in and day out, you are just going through the motions. Nothing seems to change.

When I was a stay at home mom, the enemy had convinced me that I had no purpose in life besides being a mom. It wasn’t until my kids were becoming teenagers did I realize how very important that season was.

Oddly I felt as though I had wasted opportunities. I even listened to the lie that I would never be used of GOD because of my past.

The enemy doesn’t want you to think that GOD has something for you to do in this life.

Oh beloved…..please don’t  believe him.

Your past doesn’t matter to GOD….but your future does.

Satan maims our outlook by dragging us through our cluttered past.

Everyone is born with a purpose.

I think we miss it too often.

What are you good at?

What obvious talents do you have?

What are your passions?

Who do you think gave you these attributes to your personality?

GOD of course…..weaved straight into your DNA.

an originalGOD made you a one of a kind. No knock offs of you beloved….you are an original.

GOD will never draw you to do something HE has not already given you the ability to do.


HE may desire you to develop those abilities, get more education or hone those talents…so that you can be more effective….but make no mistake….HE has something for you to do.

Today we talk about purpose as we continue in our series of the “Four signs of living a life that matters.” The second sign is….

  1. You live life with a purpose.

Every day that you climb out of bed….know that GOD has something for you to do.

HE not only gives us a purpose for our life…but HE gives you a specific purpose to accomplish for every day.

This life is not about pleasing our flesh…..when we please the flesh…eventually we are dissatisfied…there is no true, lasting happiness.

This life is about being light bearers in the image of GOD.

If you can lighten someone’s burden by giving a helping hand….that is your purpose for the day.

If you can wash peanut butter and jelly off of a precious, chubby faced toddler….that is your purpose for the day.

If you can serve, love, or encourage by dropping off a meal for someone who’s lost a loved one, or just send a note through the mail sharing hope….that is your purpose for that day. The scriptures tell us…..

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to the nations.” Jeremiah 1:5

HE made us to share HIS love. But…those talents and attributes that are unique to you….HE wants you to use those gifts for HIS GLORY.

If you determine to find your purpose for each day…..everyday…something along the way happens.  As you seek to be the light for someone….you are learning to be sensitive to the leading of the HOLY SPIRIT.  Stay with me here……

As you respond to that urging of the SPIRIT….using your gifts in some simple way….HE starts leading you to new places. I promise you!

When you give more of yourself to GOD….HE takes delight, and sees your obedience.

The more obedient you are to HIM…the more HE will trust and use you.

Start where you are at…using what you have….for whoever GOD has put in your life for that day or season….and you will be amazed how GOD will bring you to the purpose you were created for.

And be mindful…there are different seasons for your purpose. Just because you may be limited or feel stagnant for a time….be faithful….just like the Winter, Spring, Fall and Summer brings change, growth and new life…. the same will be for the purpose you were created for.

Determine to live every day with a purpose….make a difference…be the light.

See you tomorrow sweet friends!

love mel