Welcome to … REEL to REAL!

I’m a big movie fan! I love watching a good story unfold and figuring out what will happen in the end. I have to confess; it irritates my husband to no end when I correctly guess the ending before the movie’s over.

I fell in love with the Theatre at the tender age of twelve after winning the role of a damsel in distress in a children’s community theatre production.

My love for the arts spurred an interest in acting and all things drama. I studied scriptwriting, production, and directing in college. Eventually, I changed my major to the study of Communication before I felt called to write. Funny how God works.

But over the years, I realized that my love for a good story goes much deeper than being entertained. I love sizing up the characters, understanding their motivations, and studying the deeper themes.

God has spoken to me numerous times through a movie scene or even a line voiced by a character. I even get these inspirational epiphanies in music videos and, oddly enough, commercials.

God is our Great Creator. He’s passed His love of creativity down to us humans for our pleasure but primarily for His glory. So, in this space, I will highlight video clips (from YouTube) that speak to me, and hopefully, you too.

I believe God can use any form of wholesome entertainment He chooses to encourage and spur on our obedience, spiritual endurance, and creativity. So, enjoy the clips and ask God to help you see Him behind the stories in your world, every day.

Love you and I mean it!