A Special Day


This is a special day for me.

My first guest post blog is featured on the women’s devotion website Incourage.

I am amazed GOD has even brought me to this opportunity in my writing journey. This journey started as a little girl writing poems, songs and short stories.

As I became a teenager, I found comfort in writing my prayers, revealing the most intimate details of my thoughts to my heavenly father.

Through the years, GOD started speaking to me in between the lines of my written prayers.

As the words would unfold on the page, I heard the HOLY SPIRIT telling me specific directives, convicting, comforting and encouraging me.

Now the words I write are how I work out my salvation.

Many will never appear on a blog site, but I write them anyway because I am desperate to hear from the LORD.

Please take a moment and click on the link Incourage and read my post about friendships and perceptions, entitled “She Scares Me.”

It’s a true story that happened in the hallway of my church not too long ago, yet the lesson I learned from the HOLY SPIRIT will stay with me for the rest of my life.

A special thank you to the creative staff at Incourage for this humbling opportunity to share my heart with you.

May you find fun, favor and the father in all of your friendships.

4 thoughts on “A Special Day

  1. Hi, Melanie. I’m days late reading your post on (in)courage. I posted a comment there, but am copying it to you here. (Didn’t know if you would still be reading comments on their site now.)… What a wonderful message, Melanie! It’s so important not to make judgments about each other. We cannot know what is going on inside. The Lord is also teaching me not to assume people stay the same. I’ve certainly grown through the years. Mistakes I’ve made in the past and my perspective has certainly changed through the years as the Lord works on my heart. Wouldn’t it be great if we assumed people have grown in the their walk with the Lord instead of holding past hurts against them? Grace…God is teaching me to live filled with His grace and pouring it out to everyone around me.

    1. Thank you sweet Sabra. Yes I was thinking about the people changing thing this morning myself. I have seen people that GOD has changed in my life – like my husband’s complete change after salvation, but it’s sometimes hard for me to grasp that christians can change too. That is kind of crazy I know but – I was just thinking about someone that says the right things but don’t change behavior. SO I question – did they change? Yet – I need to extend grace. Gosh it’s so hard. I know I sure need grace desperately and GOD is showing me – so does everyone else!

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